Kelly Turns 50!

Hello amis of Amis des Paux! Sarah usually handles the blog, but I decided to try my hand at it.

This is a big month and a big year for me! On July 10th I am turning 50!!!! I'm pumped and looking forward to what the year has in store for me and Amis des Paux. So many people dread getting older; but, as the saying goes......"It's better than the alternative." In that spirit, I have chosen to embrace 50, and all that comes with, and after, it. As 50 approaches, I know how fortunate I am and I appreciate all aspects of my life every day. Life certainly has its struggles and challenges, but it is a wonderful ride overall!  And, without the struggles, how can we truly know the joys of the good times. 

I always hoped, but was never sure, I would find an incredible friend and business partner to start this exciting chapter of my life. Amis des Paux has become a dream realized and has made both Sarah and I so very happy. If you have been keeping up with us on Facebook or Instagram, you already know that we want to share that happiness with you this Saturday, July 7th. We will be open our regular hours, hustlin' our regular goodies; but we will also host an all day Open House. Please come on by and celebrate!!! We will have some Lemon Drop jello shots and sweets for our human friends, and birthday cake and a take away treat for our furry friends. And for all, we are gifting you with 50% off all of our bagged treats for one special day only. As always, please feel free to come over with some iced coffee, a bottle of wine, a beer, whatever your beverage of choice happens to be, and enjoy the courtyard with the company of fellow dog lovers. And, you know you better bring your pup!

Our goal now is to be a true member of this community, and to sustain & grow our business. We sure hope you stick around for the ride!