Dog Days of Summer

Ooooooooooo, let me tell you: it's hot outside right now in New Orleans. And humid. It's like the inside of a damp oven on broil out there right now. These are, indeed, the dog days of summer. To us, that means it's time to hang out with -- you guessed it!! -- our dogs at the air-conditioned shop, in the courtyard in the kiddie pool, the fountain, drink iced tea, and feed our dogs our frozen Slobber Shots, of course (available only at the store -- check out the pets eating them in the photos section!).  

We are also taking advantage of the relatively slow retail summer season to experiment with new treat offerings...different custom cake ingredients and frostings, new baking and dehydrating techniques, and plenty of taste testing and quality control sessions with our pets ;-) . The photo here is of a treat we're fiddling with based on pickles, because really, we're in the South, and pickles are a must-have snack for humans, why deprive our pups of these treats as well? Stay tuned to see how these treats end up on our shelves...

But also, folks, we could really use your spirit and support right now, because it's very hot and very slow, and we're determined to stick it out to be here for a fifth full year of business catering to the pets and their humans that like to spoil them. What can you do, you might ask? Well,  a "like" on Facebook helps (a pet photo and/or review is even better if you have visited the store or purchased products!), following us on Instagram helps, leaving a review on Google helps , and hey, if you're so inclined, go ahead and buy a treat or two or fifteen, in the store, from one of our local Nola partner stores that sells our treats, from our Etsy store, or just pass along to friends, family, coworkers, Facebook friends, and the general public the info that we exist! That is currently our biggest obstacle for keeping our store open thriving during the dog days of summer: getting the word out to locals that we exist.

Evenings and weekends, we are a hangout (inside the store and in the courtyard) for pets and their humans! Bring a brew, a lemonade, or a glass of bubbly, and come chill with Kelly at the shop after normal business hours (Mon & Thurs 5-7, Friday 5-8, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-5pm). We'd love to see you!

*swak* *tail wag* *purr purr*