Welcome to our website and blog!

Woof, meow, and hello to all!

As the dog days of summer come to a close and we head into the fall of 2017, we want to check in with the people (and pets!) who have kept us going -- and growing! -- since we started Amis des Paux in 2014. We have received so much love from our customers, friends, families, and local community, and we want to acknowledge that we are using that fuel to rocket forward and we are very, very grateful for each and every one of you.

Our social media posts and absence on the local market scene may make it appear that we have sort of disappeared, but the truth is that we're actually working harder than ever! Right now we're in *under construction* mode on our website and on social media, but not for long! We have exciting things happening on the horizon—we’ll be announcing something tomorrow! Lately we have focused almost solely on supplying local stores with our treats: Southern Paws, Petcetera, Zele, Tooth & Nail, ‪Lucy Rose‬, Zen Pet, Nola Gifts & Decor, and Puppy Love Daycare. Shop local, y'all! We're still here, and we're working our pet-loving buns off, trust us!‬

In fact, our business is currently experiencing a fun yet challenging life stage: adolescent growing pains! Ouch! Also: yay!!!! We appreciate your patience as we bake, crunch numbers, regroup, and retool our way to being an older, wiser, and bigger small business. We will be posting more updates as we gear up for major business this fall and winter, so keep checking back!

You can always contact us here under the "Contact" tab, via FacebookInstagram direct message, or email us at: bark@amisdespaux.com if you have any custom orders, questions, or comments of any kind!

Wags and purrs,

Kelly & Sarah