Welcome to Amis des Paux, where everything is Infinitely Pauxsome! Why wouldn’t it be since we are all about our, and your, pets!!! We are Kelly and Sarah, proud owners of Amis des Paux, bringing you a little lagniappe for your pets.

We love our pets and our city, and we wanted to find a way to combine the things that mean so much to us. What we came up with are some yummy New Orleans themed dog and cat treats made with nutritional ingredients…no you won’t find any monosodiumglutamativegemin here! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our four legged friends get excited over a special treat made with some serious Who Dat love, and we would like to share that experience with you.

That same Who Dat love also drives us to support as many local businesses as we can when it comes to what goes in our treats as well as how they look. We have researched the wholesome ingredients that make up our yummy treats, and are happy to say that the fruit, veggies, meat, and spices we use even have potential nutritional benefits for our furry friends. As we grow, we will be including that information on our up coming website.

We hope you consider picking up some of our treats at any of the local businesses carrying our products. Keep checking out our Facebook page for updates regarding who is carrying our products and for local markets where we just might turn up!